General Poker Site Setup / Auto Importing Hands
New and improved HM3 FAQ system:

Poker Site Setup FAQ:

Holdem Manager 3 will automatically configure Auto Import Folders during installation.

Use this guide if your HUD (Heads-Up Display) is NOT displayed or hands are NOT automatically imported into Holdem Manager 3 during live play sessions.   [h4]
Video: General Poker Site Setup / Auto Importing Hands / HUD Troubleshooting:   [/h4]
To display a HUD (Heads-Up Display) on live tables, Holdem Manager 3 must Auto Import Hand History Files and there are two steps to this.

[url=#Step1]Step 1 - Find Poker Site Hand History Files[/url]
[url=#Step2]Step 2 - Configure HM3 To Recognize Poker Room Hand History File Locations[/url]

[h1][anchor=Step1]Step 1 - Find Poker Site Hand History Folder[/anchor][/h1] Your Poker Site writes Hand History files to your hard drive after a hand is completed.  We need to find the folder path on your computer where your Poker Site is saving Hand History files.

Poker Site Hand History options are found in a Settings menu or an Options type menu in the Poker Site software.

Below are a few examples showing where Hand History options can be found from a few Poker Sites: [h2]PokerStars                                                                      iPoker[/h2]      [h2]                           WPN[/h2]     [h2]Poker Site Hand History Settings[/h2]
  • Critical: Make sure “Save Hand Histories” is checked if your poker site has this option.
  • Critical: Make sure “English” Hand Histories are being saved if your poker site has this option.
  • Critical: Note the folder path where Hand Histories are being saved.  (Write the folder path down or copy it to your clipboard. We will use this Hand History folder path later.)
  • If your poker site saves Tournament Summaries, we need to locate that folder as well.  (Write it down.)  Not all poker Sites support tournament summaries.

Note: If you changed any of the options listed above, play a few live hands before proceeding.

Only proceed to [url=#Step2]Step 2[/url] if your know the folder path of your Poker Site Hand History Files!  

[h2][anchor=sites]If you can’t find your Poker Site Hand History Folder, click one of the links below for detailed instructions:  [/anchor][/h2] PokerStars
888 Poker
Winning Poker Network
Boss Media
Merge Network
People’s Poker
Asian Poker Clubs - NEW

[h1][anchor=Step2]Step 2 - Configure Holdem Manager 3 To Recognize Poker Room Hand History File Locations[/anchor][/h1]  
  • Open Holdem Manager 3
  • Go to Tools > Site Settings

  • Figure 1 - Select the Poker Site to configure on the left.
  • Figure 2 - Click the "Auto Detect" button (2) and see if new folders show up in Figure 3. 
  • Figure 3 - If NEW Hand History Folders appear after clicking “Auto Detect”, you are done and your HUD should work.
    • If Auto Import folders are displayed but hands don’t Auto Import, double and triple check the folder locations from [url=#Step1]Step 1 - Find Poker Site Hand History Folder.[/url]
  • Figure 4 - You can manually add or edit Hand History Folder locations here.  If no new folders appeared after clicking "Auto Detect", manually add the Hand History Folder we located from [url=#Step1]Step 1[/url]. 
  • Figure 5 - Click here to open the selected Auto Import Folder from figure 3.  If you just played a couple hands, this folder should have Hand History text files in the folder.
  [h3]Make 100% sure your Poker Site Hand History Folders match the Auto Import Folders in Holdem Manager 3![/h3]

If you still can’t get hands to Auto Import to display a HUD, review [url=#Step1]Step 1[/url] and [url=#Step2]Step 2[/url] along with our HUD Troubleshooting Video.   

If the HUD isn’t lining up with the correct player, review our Preferred Seating FAQ along with [url=#sites]Site Specific Setup FAQ’s.[/url]