Quick Start Guides For Holdem Manager 3
New and improved HM3 FAQ system:

HM3 Start Screen / Landing Page FAQ:

Welcome To Holdem Manager 3![/h1] You'll find everything you need to get started using Holdem Manager 3 here.
  [h3]FAQ Links[/h3]
Installing Holdem Manager 3 (If you need help installing Holdem Manager 3)

Setup Poker Sites & Holdem Manager 3 (Use this to sync your poker site to Holdem Manager 3 so hands automatically import.)

Importing a PokerTracker 4 Database

  [h3]Video Quick Start Guides[/h3]
We have video quick start guides for every part of Holdem Manager 3 too.

Fresh Install To HUD Working
HUD Troubleshooting
File Menu
Tools Menu
HUD (Heads-Up Display)
Report & HUD Filtering
Situational Views
Live Play Report

Have a specific question?  More than likely you will find the question and answer on our Video Guide FAQ page.  Video Guide FAQ (Click Here)

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