What's New With HM3?
Built from the ground up by Poker Players for Poker Players. Holdem Manager 3 revolutionizes poker tracking software like never before.  You'll be in the game faster and post session analysis will be more efficient than ever.


New Features:

New - Situational Views
New - Graphical HUD
New - Auto Complete Filters
New - Filter Editor
New - Tournament Detection
New - User Interface
New - HUD Editor
New - No Database Software Required



Situational Views

Holdem Manager 3 contains new Situational Views. These are a collection of views associated with common situations you encounter during every session.

Situational Views centralize several points of feedback that would have required you to open several different reports.


Graphical HUD

No intimidating tables of HUD stats. All of your opponents basic stats are readable at a glance in the new HM3 Graphical HUD.


Autocomplete Filters

With the new HMQL (Holdem Manager Query Language) you can quickly write powerful filters directly on any Report or Situational View.

Just start typing and HMQL will then dropdown a list of properties and options to help you build the filter you need.


Filter Editor

The HM3 filters controls are much more intuitive and easier to use.

In addition, some of the filters now have a more visual interface that is both simpler and more efficient.


Tournament Detection

We have improved our algorithm that detects the correct tournament details and payouts. The improved automatic tournament detection means less manual editing of tournaments to update your results.


User Interface

Holdem Manager 3 has a brand new design that is simpler and more intuitive. Enjoy
fewer clicks to whichever report, filter or feature you want to use.



HUD Editor

We completely redesigned the HUD Editor to simplify the experience while also still continuing to bring you advanced and powerful features.

The Popup editor is also more powerful and easier to use.


No Database Software

HM3 is now PostgreSQL free!!!

Eliminating the requirement to install PostgreSQL avoids issues that were sometimes encountered in set-up and initial installations.