Annual Support & Maintenance Plans
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Annual Support & Maintenance Plans FAQ:

[url=#hm3-howmuchisannualsupport]How Much Is Annual Support & Maintenance?[/url]
[url=#hm3-whyisthereannualsupport]Why Is There Annual Support & Maintenance?[/url]
[url=#hm3-canistilluse]Can I Still Use HM3 Without Annual Support & Maintenance?[/url]
[url=#hm3-what-if-my]Do I need to Re-Purchase If My Annual Support & Maintenance Expires[/url]
[url=#hm3-how-do-i-cancel]How Do I Cancel Annual Support & Maintenance Subscription Renewal? [/url]

[h2][anchor=hm3-howmuchisannualsupport]How Much Is Annual Support & Maintenance?[/anchor][/h2] All customers that purchase an HM3 license, as well as customers that upgrade from HM2, receive one year of Annual Support & Maintenance FREE.

After the first year Annual Support & Maintenance pricing is as follows. 

Holdem or Omaha: (Single)
Holdem or Omaha Small Stakes = $29.99
Holdem or Omaha Full Version = $49.99

Holdem & Omaha: (Combined Versions)
Holdem & Omaha Small Stakes = $49.99
Holdem & Omaha Full Version = $79.99

Holdem & Omaha (Mixed Combined Versions) Holdem Full Version + Omaha Small Stakes or Omaha Full Version + Holdem Small Stakes)
One Full Version + One Small Stakes= $69.99

[h2][anchor=hm3-whyisthereannualsupport]Why Is There Annual Support & Maintenance?[/anchor][/h2] There will never be a paid upgrade to HM3.  The Annual Support & Maintenance was implemented in lieu of the paid upgrades because:
  1. It allows us to release new tools, features, and updates as soon as they are available instead of only with paid upgrades.
  2. The annual support and maintenance better correlate our business model with the timing of our significant ongoing development efforts.
  3. HM3 is the third and last paid upgrade that will ever be released by Hold’em Manager.

[h2][anchor=hm3-canistilluse]Can I Still Use HM3 Without Annual Support & Maintenance?[/anchor][/h2] Annual Support & Maintenance is an optional payment that is included for free the first year. If you decide not to renew, you can continue using HM3 without restrictions with all updates released before Support & Maintenance has expired.

However, you will no longer have access to updates released after the expiration of your Annual Support & Maintenance.  These updates could include:
  1. Support for new games types introduced by poker sites.
  2. Poker site changes that could impact the ability for some hands to properly import.
  3. New tools and functionality released for HM3.
Note: HM Apps require a paid HM3 license with an active support and maintenance contract.
[h2][anchor=hm3-what-if-my]Do I Need to Re-Purchase If My Annual Support & Maintenance Expires?[/anchor][/h2]
You can simply resume your existing Support & Maintenance for up to 2 years after initial expiration date.

When you resume within 2 years, you will receive a discount on renewal price instead of having to pay the full initial price.

After 2 years have passed since Support and Maintenance expiration, full initial price has to be paid to resume the maintenance.

[h2][anchor=hm3-how-do-i-cancel]How Do I Cancel Annual Support & Maintenance Subscription Renewal? [/anchor][/h2]
1.  Login to your account at and click Store Account.
2.  Click Manage Subscription.
3.  Click Cancel Subscription.
4.  Click Cancel Subscription to confirm your subscription cancellation.