View A List Of Opponents
View A List Of Opponents is a great way to quickly find profitable solid players in your database.  Once you've identified these good players, analyze their game throughout Holdem Manager 3.

  1. Currently applied filter.
  2. List of opponents matching the filter.
  3. Use the drop-down here to select between different common stats.
  4. Click the Funnel Icon to load filters to aid in narrowing down opponent results.  You can filter by:
    • Date
    • Game Type
    • # of Hands
    • # of Players
    • VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money Into The Pot) stat
    • Poker Site
    • Stakes
Orange Arrows: The selected player in the Opponent list will have their stat range as a BLUE bar graph line in the Group Profile section of the report. In this example the selected player has a VPIP% of 21.2 so it falls in the 20-22% range in the bar graph at the bottom