Situational Views Overview
New and improved HM3 FAQ system:

Situational View FAQ:

Situational Views break down the most common poker situations researched and provide a graphical representation of the data. This makes the data easier to read than a standard report and less filters can be used to achieve the exact data you are looking for.
  • All Report Filters can be used in Situational Views.
  • All Situational Views have data points that can be clicked to view more information. (See arrows below)


Current Situational Views:

  • 3-Bet
  • ​C-Bet
  • River Play
  • Tournament All-in

Coming Soon:
  • (Tournament) Bubble Play
  • Leakonomics

3-Bet Situational View


C-Bet Situational View


River Play Situational View


Tournament All-in Situational View