SnowieApp vs Poker Snowie. What is the difference?

Differences between SnowieApp and PokerSnowie

They are 2 different products requiring separate licenses/subscriptions.  SnowieApp and PokerSnowie are owned by two non-related companies and there are no discounts or promotions available for owners of both products.

The recommendations on hands analyzed are identical for SnowieApp and Poker Snowie.

SnowieApp is integrated into HM2 directly.   

Hands do not need to be separately imported. Viewing, filtering and analyzing Errors does not require a separate application.  All analysis is based on your own hand histories that were in your HM2 database.

Poker Snowie is a stand-alone application that requires you to separately import your hands. It has additional capabilities:

1.  Allows you to play against Poker Snowie.
2.  Allows you to create "scenarios" (not based on an actual hand history) for analysis.
3.  Gives you Preflop advice.