Site Settings

There are 4 general steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with most any poker client:

  1. Choose your poker client network from the left side menu.
  2. Auto Import Folders.
  3. Adjust hands to your local time.
  4. Preferred Seating.

1) Choose your poker client network from the left side menu.  

  • If you are unsure which network your poker client is a part of please see this site.

2) Auto Import Folders.

  • Open HM3 and go to the Tools > Site Settings... option in the menu ribbon, click on your poker client/network in the left menu and click the Auto Detect button on the right side.
  • If Auto Detect doesn't pick up the proper folder then you will need to add the folder your poker client saves hands to manually.

3) Adjust hand times to your local time.

  • This needs to be adjusted in such a way that the Time column in the Reports matches your Windows clock when playing live if the Auto Detect button did not properly configure the Offset: value.

4) Preferred Seating.

  • This setting is used to make sure your HUDs align properly at the table based on your poker client preferred seating option settings.
  • See this FAQ for more detailed instructions on configuring this setting.